Welcome To Your #PhysEdU Course!

Standards-Based Instructional Design - Introduction

Welcome to this #PhysEdU course on Standards-Based Instructional Design!

My name is Joey Feith, I’m the founder of ThePhysicalEducator.com and a physical educator from Montreal, Canada. Feel free to connect with me on Twitter (@joeyfeith and/or @phys_educator).

As I mentioned in the video above, this course is the result of years of research, learning, and experimentation that I’ve completed in my own teaching. I’m so excited to be sharing all of this wonderful learning with you and hope that you feel the same way too!

Before we get into the course lessons, I would like to take a minute to recognize a few people whose support and influence over the years has made this course possible.

First of all, my friend Terri Drain (one of the best educators you are sure to ever meet) is the person who introduced me to standards-based instructional design. Without her influence and guidance over the past few years, I would not be the teacher that I am today. Be sure to follow Terri on Twitter and check out her website which I have linked in the “Additional Links” section of these notes below.

Second, my beautiful wife Jess deserves a standing ovation for all of her support throughout the development of this course. From making sure I’ve been fed when I’ve been “in the zone” with the animations, to watching Netflix with headphones on while I record the voiceovers, to sitting down and watching every single second of video that you’ll find in this course… Jess is the reason this course is as great as it is. She’s the real MVP.

Finally, I need to say thank you to the countless educators who have shaped my professional development journey over the past few years. Although there are too many to name, these educators have pushed me to go deeper into my understanding of what makes for effective educational experiences and supporting me throughout my challenges and failures. My online (and offline) professional learning network is the reason I feel confident in providing this course and I cannot thank them enough!

This course was designed to help you meet three important learning targets. By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Explain in your own words the importance of standards-based instruction.
  2. List, describe, and apply the steps of standards-based instructional design.
  3. Design rich, standards-based learning opportunities for your students.

To help you reach these objectives, I’ve broken the course down into several smaller lesson videos. Each lesson video is accompanied with written notes like the ones you are currently reading, recommended readings that will help you go deeper into some of the ideas and concepts I’ll be sharing, and additional links to resources and tools that I believe will complement your learning.

This course is packed and fast-paced! Feel free to take your time with each lesson and don’t shy away from that pause button! You’ll also notice that there is a comments feature built into this platform. Feel free to leave any questions or comments in regards to the course content and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

Additionally, I’ve created a printable Course Workbook for you. The workbook was designed to help you practice some of the skills that we will be exploring throughout this course. You can find a link to your workbook download in the in the PDF preview section below.

Although totally optional, I really do recommend that you complete your workbook and recommended readings as you move through the course. I want to help you get the most learning possible out of this course, and that involves having you explore each concept and idea from as many different angles as possible. When it comes to your professional learning: take your time, go deep, and have fun with it!

Recommended Readings:

There are no recommended readings for this lesson.

Additional Links:

Terri Drain’s “Beyond Kickball” Website


There are no references for this lesson.

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